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There are a lot of types of men out there but there are those that most girls date because of their qualities. There are those men that naturally appeal to girls and there are those that do not. The most common types of men that girls are likely to date are the adventurous man, the cool guy and the nice man. These three types of men have very different qualities but in some way they all appeal to girls. When girls are young and are looking for adventure; they go for the adventurous man. This is the kind of person who loves to take risks and who will give them adventure.

Girls date these men when they are still young and they are looking for the thrill that life has to offer. In most cases, these men are often jobless and they do not help the girls in any way. The only thing that they do so that they manage to keep the girls is by showing them a good time. Girls love the thrill and that is why they stick around. The-don’t-care-attitude of the adventurous man is something else that keeps the girls glued to them. They also do not do a lot to get the attention of women. Most of these men have nice bodies and they are mostly good looking which works to attract the women to them.

When girls get older and they are looking for more than just excitement, they fall for the nice man. Girls date this guy when they have made something of themselves. At this stage, girls are usually through with college and they are looking to get ahead in their careers. They mostly need a man that can reason better than they do and that will support them and give them the guidance that they need. At this point, girls do not want to be controlled by a man. They are often looking for someone that can do what they need him to do without asking questions. In as much as girls like this man, they will get bored easily with him and they will lose interest in him once they are too used to him. This man is usually too nice and they see him as being too good to be true because he is usually afraid of doing something wrong to upset the relationship.

The last type of man that girls date and love is the cool guy. This man is usually a mixture of the adventurous man and the nice guy. He gives the girls a bit of adventure but he does not have a don’t-care-attitude. Unlike the adventurous man, he cares about the things that he does and he is doing something important with his life. He is also nice and supports the girl in everything that she does. He also helps her in making decisions that are important to her and helps her when she is in need. With the cool guy, the girl always feels like she is getting what she needs from the relationship and she mostly respects and adores her man. When you look at the men that girls date at different stages of their lives, you realize that their priorities in relationships are subject of changes in different ages.

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